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ECC Anti-Racism Resources

Our nation is in desperate need of racial healing and transformation. The healing process cannot begin until the truth of our country’s past and present sins are confronted. As people of Christian faith, we acknowledge and renounce both past and present dehumanizing, oppressive, abusive, enslaving, violent and lethal actions and inactions against African American communities. We proclaim that it is time for metanoia – turning away from evil and turning toward God’s liberating love.

As members of the ECC, we believe in the power of communication to heal and that the search for truth can lead to justice. As such, we pray that our country will begin a process of truth-seeking that will lead to long-term reconciliation. We in the ECC pledge to begin a deliberate and transparent truth-telling process within our own faith communities.


Jesus, the heart of our faith, lived and died for love. He showed no partiality. God’s community is diverse and totally integrated. We pray for God’s guidance and mercy as we work to attain racial justice and build the beloved community, walking together the path paved with truth, love, equity, and justice. In the prophetic tradition, we boldly proclaim;

“Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” (Amos 5:24)

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