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ECC Resolution on Addressing the Climate Crisis

Introduction: The stories of Genesis remind us that all of creation was created good, and that humans, created in God’s own image, were entrusted with special care of all living creatures. The current climate crisis reveals that we have not upheld this sacred responsibility and as a result creation – the very ‘body of God’ – is suffering and dying at exponential rates. Rooted in the Word of God found in Scripture and revealed through all of creation, in an effort to recover our proper place in the web of life and restore its health, the following resolution is presented to the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion for ratification:

Whereas global temperatures continue to rise at unprecedented rates, impacting ecosystems all over the world;

Whereas the increase of temperatures is a direct result of human activity, particularly the amount of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide) being released into the atmosphere;

Whereas we are already seeing the impacts of climate change through melting icecaps, rising sea levels, and increased extreme weather events;

Whereas we are currently living through the 6th mass extinction event in history, the first caused by human behavior, with dozens of species going extinct per day;

Whereas continuing the path we are on will result in the catastrophic collapse of ecosystems potentially making earth uninhabitable for humans;


Whereas environmental pollution and contamination of natural resources disproportionately impacts impoverished communities, indigenous communities, and communities of color, and our faith compels us to make a preferential option for the poor and vulnerable;

Whereas forced climate migration is already destabilizing communities and countries resulting in increased violent conflict, exploitation, human trafficking, and death;

Whereas Catholicism has played a fundamental role in perpetuating harmful ways of thinking and acting rooted in patriarchy, white supremacy, and dualism, fueling the current climate crisis;

Whereas we have a responsibility and moral obligation as Catholics to repair the harm done and prevent further harm;

Whereas the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC) has not made it a national priority to address climate change collectively as a communion of communities;

Whereas the ECC currently has no national committee or structure to support its communities in ongoing education, advocacy, direct action and sacramental transformation in response to climate change;

Whereas our faith demands that we take action to care for and protect the health and wellbeing of all life on this planet as part of the one, holy, body of God;

Therefore be it resolved…

That the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC) will use its collective voice and power to speak out against the devastating impact of climate change and the human actions and systems perpetuating it, be it further resolved


That the ECC will establish a national committee under the Office of Presiding Bishop to support national and local action of ECC communities in responding to the climate crisis, be it further resolved

That individual ECC communities will make addressing climate change a priority and set their own goals for taking action and ways to respond, be it further resolved


That the ECC and its member communities will examine the theologies reflected in their sacramental and communal life, teaching, preaching, and practices in order to transform harmful, divisive theologies into healing, unitive theologies that support the wellbeing of the whole of creation.

For the future of the Church and the future of the world, rooted in the values of our Catholic faith, in collaboration with God the ultimate creator and animator of life who calls us to this work, we humbly and resolutely commit to addressing the climate crisis as a priority for the foreseeable future.

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