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Mission Statement


Mary Magdalene Church is an inclusive church in the Catholic tradition, where people

from all faiths and backgrounds are welcome to the Lord's Table. We strive to live the values

that Jesus taught, to honor and respect each individual and to share the joy of

God's unconditional love, in our community and beyond.


  • Inclusiveness
    The Creation Story found in the Hebrew Scriptures reminds us that we are all created in the image and likeness of our God, male and female, gay and straight, people of every color, nationality and hue, able bodied and those who struggle with disabilities of every type, rich and poor.  Nothing can ever separate us from the love of God.   In our great diversity we discover the beauty and creativity of our God, and we discover that we are all God’s precious children.  At Mary Magdalene Church we believe that we have a responsibility to carry that message in our hearts and live it out in our practices.


  • Discipleship of Equals
    Each of us has been given unique gifts and talents, which we are expected to share with one another freely and generously.  No one set of gifts or talents is more highly regarded than any other.  Within Mary Magdalene Church we are all called equally by God to serve one another. Ordination is a call to designated service within the people of God.  This call is not holier than the ways God has called others to serve within our community.


  • Hospitality of the Eucharist
    Eucharist means thanksgiving and the sacrament we celebrate as we gather around the altar is just one way we are all reminded of God’s love for each one of us.  Jesus said “No one who comes to me will I ever reject.”  The Altar is Jesus’ Table. It is not the property of any one denomination.  That would be counter to Jesus message of love.  ALL ARE WELCOME.


  • Faith Sharing
    While Christian in our orientation and Catholic in our sacramental expression of faith, Mary Magdalene Church recognizes the authenticity of other faith traditions.  We believe that every religion contains a kernel of the truth of the Divine.  If we brought these nuggets of truth together we would have a more complete picture of the God which we call by many different names, and even then our picture would be incomplete.


  • Social Responsibility
    As people of faith and children of God, we are called to service within our world.  Jesus reminds us “Whatever you do for the least of my brothers and sisters, you do for me.”  In serving others we encounter the Risen Christ.


  • Sharing Time, Talent and Treasure

One part of sharing what we have been given involves giving of our resources.  This is not just an expectation of parishioners.  At Mary Magdalene Church, we believe that as a church we too have a responsibility to share our resources and we strive towards this practice. 

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles


In order for any organization to function appropriately, by-laws must be developed and followed.

The church is no exception. The by-laws of Mary Magdalene Church were created to reflect the guiding principles of our church community, namely: transparency, participation, inclusiveness,

empowerment, continuity and accountability.

  • Transparency
    Full, accurate and timely disclosure of information to the community is necessary in the building of trust between leaders and parishioners. It promotes accountability and allows members to be included in every aspect of community life.


  • Participation/Inclusiveness
    We are each created in the image and likeness of God, and are all deserving to be treated with respect, dignity and love. No one is to be left out, but all are encouraged to participate in community life to the extent that they desire.


  • Empowerment
    Each member of Mary Magdalene Church is encouraged to use their talents, and share their thoughts and insights with others. This strengthens us as a church community and actualizes our belief that we are all precious children of God endowed with unique gifts and talents.


  • Continuity
    Mary Magdalene Church is meant to be a community that will thrive beyond its original founders. A community that will serve not only today’s generation but also will be there to serve our children and our children’s children.


  • Accountability
    The leadership of Mary Magdalene Church is charged with being responsible stewards of its resources and is charged with accurately reporting the use of resources on an ongoing basis.

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